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The New York Times Book Review: "Villoro’s point, punctuated by each of the stories in this powerful book, is that modern Mexico is finished, finally, trying to conform to outside notions of its tragedies." 
Read the full, fantastic review here.

"The first collection of Villoro’s short stories to be translated into English depicts the complexity of contemporary Mexico in sharp, compelling prose. In tales with fascinating protagonists and tightly crafted action, Villoro eschews stereotypes and flips common perceptions of his homeland. … Villoro expertly places the personal dramas of his characters within a recent context of unprecedented cartel violence and government corruption without sacrificing his keen sense of humor. Like his Mexican compatriots Valeria Luiselli and Enrique Vila-Matas as well as such U.S. writers as Kirstin Valdez Quade and Luis Alberto Urrea, Villoro rewards readers with refreshing, unforgettable stories." BOOKLIST

"I was declared Sexiest Latino by a magazine in Los Angeles, Sexiest Bisexual by a magazine in Amsterdam, Most Unexpected Sexpot by a magazine in New York. But I couldn't take my pants off without feeling diminished."  Read "Mariachi" at Electric Literature.

The Guilty is a brilliant, prize-winning collection of stories by Mexico’s most important living writer. From the semiotics of pet iguanas to the disillusionment of mariachi singers, Villoro reveals the deep dissatisfactions and absurdities of life in Mexico and its carnivalesque capital. We encounter a border trucker making a movie about illegal migrants, a cuckolded football superstar, and a gluten-free American journalist seeking the authentic Mexican experience. A master of the post-modern narrative, Villoro gives us contemporary Mexico through a complex interplay of culture and character psychology in the most surprising, fresh and humorous ways.  

In You're Not Edith, newcomer Allison Gruber offers a searing reflection on life as a young lesbian and breast cancer survivor. Through discussions of madness, religion, gender and feminism, Gruber captivates with heartbreaking candor and wit. From her teenage Dian Fossey to her Virginia Woolf of Drama Club, she invites us into a world of brash, bookish hilarity, as she navigates an unusual life, interrupted. In this gutsy first collection, Gruber asks herself how best to live and finds answers big enough for all of us.

"These stories are especially moving for their simplicity and for Gruber's honest, straightforward manner of storytelling. The result is a slim but powerful book." Publishers Weekly
"in-your-face funny and heartbreakingly sad." Booklist
" enthralling as it is unflinching." Lambda Literary

First Light brings together the best work of the legendary Australian poet, Philip Hodgins. Published in The New Yorker and The Paris Review, Hodgins was internationally renowned for his unflinchingly honest and mordant account of country life in Australia. In a vivid and lucid style, his astonishing poems reveal the complexities, depths and urgencies of living at the edge of life and death. Celebrated for his sophisticated yet understated craftsmanship, Hodgins writes with subtlety, humor and heartbreaking intensity.

We are pleased to announce the publication this summer of Encounters, My Life in Publishing, completed by our founder, George Braziller, at age 99. A window into the golden age of independent publishing and a beautiful visual book with many pages in full color. In Encounters, Braziller recounts his Depression-era childhood in Brooklyn, his political awakening with the Spanish Civil War, starting his own book clubs, his active duty in the European Theatre of World War II, and building his independent publishing company, George Braziller, In. In a series of candid, humorous vignettes, Braziller relates his experiences as publisher of literary figures like Orhan Pamuk and Jean-Paul Sartre, as well as encounters with Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, and friendships with Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe, and many others who inspired him and enabled his publishing house to flourish.

"This sweet and nostalgic chronicle...represents a bygone era in publishing that's worth revisiting." Publishers Weekly
"[George] said after he retired in 2011, at age 95, he had no idea what he would do with his time, apart from 'reading Tolstoy's War and Peace.' But his friends encouraged him to write a memoir; 'They said, You have such a good story you should tell it.' And what a story." Read the full article in Publishers Weekly


Notable Titles

Braziller is renowned for publishing the work of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Will Barnett, Henri Matisse, Red Grooms, Philip Guston, and George Inness, as well as its pioneering architecture series. A leader in contemporary literary fiction and nonfiction, Braziller introduced the work of Nathalie Sarraute, Claude Simon, Orhan Pamuk, Charles Simic, Janet Frame and Buchi Emecheta to American readers. We continue in this tradition with our current series of contemporary Australian poetry, a first collection by essayist Allison Gruber, and the first English translations of renowned Mexican writer, Juan Villoro.