Allison Gruber's "The Mountain" published in Huffington Post

"Isn't that the movie about the lady with the monkeys?" my mother asked.

It was 1993. I was 16. I'd faked sick that day to stay home from school, smoke copious amounts of marijuana and channel surf. Mid-afternoon, I stumbled upon the movie Gorillas in the Mist and for the first time in my young life, a narrative resonated with me: woman demands job, woman gets job, woman does not marry, woman does not live in quiet desperation, woman saves a species, woman is decapitated by unknown assailant, cue triumphant music.

"Gorillas," I corrected her. "It's about gorillas."

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Essay from You're Not Edith published in new issue of The Literary Review

"After four months of non-stop rock 'n' roll, my father disappeared. While he was gone, we stayed with my grandparents. For three weeks, my brother and I slept side-by-side on blanket beds in my grandfather's study; every night my long legs would catch under the desk and I'd dream dinosaurs were devouring me to the hip." --From "Music in the Head."

Braziller will publish Allison Gruber's essay collection, You're Not Edith, this February. 

Braziller Author, Juan Villoro, Interviewed in Bomb Magazine

"What interested me about drug-trafficking was how it was like what physicists call an “event horizon”—a dark and powerful force to which inexplicable actions can be attributed. Inside a black hole, everything is material folding in on itself and, technically, nothing can happen. On the edge of a black hole, however, there is a circle where events can start to happen."

Braziller will publish Villoro's short fiction collection, The Guilty, this spring.

Matisse Cut-Outs Exhibition Opening October 12th at MoMA

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs is the largest and most extensive presentation of the cut-outs ever mounted, the exhibition includes approximately 100 cut-outs—borrowed from public and private collections around the globe. The last time New York audiences were treated to an in-depth look at the cut-outs was in 1961.

Braziller's iconic book, Jazz, is a selection from the original; an exquisite suite of color plates and text.

  Jazz , Henri Matisse. $19.95

Jazz, Henri Matisse. $19.95