Janet Frame is the author of eleven novels, among them the highly acclaimed A State of Siege, Faces in the Water, and The Carpathians, as well as several collections of stories and sketches, and one volume of poetry. She has been honored with many awards, including the New Zealand Literary Award and the Commonwealth Writers Prize.

Scented Gardens for the Blind
by Janet Frame

Paperback, 252 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0807609859
$12.95 (Can $14.95)

Sensory perceptions are the tools with which Janet Frame investigates the failure of human communication in this extraordinary tale of a mind gone mad, a world become insane. With alternating interior monologues, the author conjures up the members of the Glace family: Vera, the mother who has willed herself sightless; Erlene, the daughter, who has stopped speaking; and Edward, the husband who abandons his family to make a genealogical study of a family in a distant land. Beyond this is a mind that has burst the confines of everyday individual consciousness and invented its own tormented reality.