The Braziller Series of Australian Poets serves to introduce American readers to the stunning poetry from some of Australia’s most notable contemporary poets. General editor, Paul Kane, is a professor at Vassar College and an American poet. He is an eminent critic and scholar of Australian literature. George Braziller, Inc. is honored to work in association with the Australian Council for the Arts on the publication of this important series.

The Deep North
a selection of poems by Bronwyn Lea

Paperback, 90 pages

ISBN: 978-0-8076-1626-0
$15.95 (Can $17.00)

The Deep North is a sensuous, richly imagined and luminously lyrical celebration of the intricate depths at the heart of life. Deemed "the brightest light to emerge in Australian poetry" in many years (Geoffrey Lehmann,Weekend Australian), Lea's work is a brilliant mapping of the overlapping regions of our sensual, psychic and emotional worlds, presented with a linguistic and intellectual bravura that makes this a captivating collection.